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    Training/Events & Cadets

    About Us

    We are a registered charity based in Aldershot and the surrounding areas, we have been established since 2015 as an independent cadet service for children and young adults, we are now branching out to first aid training and events, with this new adventure we have decided to combine all the services together so the cadets can be involved, given responsibility and quality training they can use in their everyday lives.
    We provide quality first aid training too businesses, schools and members of the public, we also provide a First Responder Cadet service for children aged 8 to 18, we train children in first aid, basic life support, paediatrics, EFAAW, FAAW including defibrillators, we are lucky enough to have our own qualified physical training instructor so we can conduct regular fitness sessions, training and team sports.


    We also have some volunteers who are ex forces personnel so we can teach all aspects of the military syllabus like map reading, drill, fieldcraft and shooting, in fact we are a fully combined cadet service, we attend events with cadets, training weekends, camping weekends and a weeks summer camp every year, In fact anything that the cadets want to do we will incorporate it in to our training, all staff are fully vetted, fully trained and are DBS checked in line with government regulations ,
    The station trains and parades on a Monday evening at 1825hrs to 2035hrs or until the last parade finishes.

    Our Mission Statement

    Apart from providing the highest quality first aid responders for events and teaching first aid to business, schools and members of the public, (E.M.S.F.R) provides an environment where young people can learn, practice, focus, enjoy, feel safe and develop leadership skills in extensive first aid training, we are keen on teaching our cadets the perfect ethos and ethical decision making and providing help to the community.
    (E.M.S.F.R) is able to reach at-risk young people and offer much needed care and support. for these aspirations to become reality however, It is essential that the E.M.S is seen to be firmly rooted within the life of the wider community, and be supported by all organisations including Military, Fire, Medical, Law Enforcement, Businesses, Charities, Schools, The Local Authority and anyone that is there to support children in our community, And that wherever possible, young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in the life of that community. through the programmes, activities and ethos of the (E.M.S.F.R), officers and instructors guide and support young people and act as mentors/role models in their personal, social and physical development.
    The programmes that we provide will create opportunity for young people to develop into mature and responsible adults who will play an important role within their communities and wider society.
    Mr I Clarke (E.M.S.F.R) Chief Executive Officer

  • The Services we Provide

    Are Second To None !

    Cadet Wanted Age

    8 to 18

    Medical Cadets wanted aged 8 to 18 years old, Be apart of the best independent cadet service in the UK !
    Contact us for details

    Volunteer Responders


    Adult Volunteers are required to teach cadets a range of lessons & activities from first aid to life skills
    Contact us for details

    First Aid cover

    For All Your Events

    Fully trained adult responders and E.M.S.F.R cadets available for your event providing first aid
    contact us for details

    First Aid Training Courses

    First aid at work (FAAW) & emergency first aid at work (EFAAW) courses for businesses, schools and adults
    we can beat any quote!! 
  • Cadets Wanted

    (E.M.S.F.R) is a British Veteran run Independent Medical Cadet Organization that helps develop young peoples skills that will help them transition into adulthood, from good citizenship, leadership, discipline, knowledge and a focus on physical fitness, we are the true meaning of a combined cadet service, our cadets will have experiences that they will not forget or find anywhere else, We have two units in a station they are as follows:
    Our senior unit is for young adults aged 11 to 18, Apart from learning all national first aid qualifications from EFAAW, EFAAW, FREC3, paediatrics, defibrillators, CPR and possibly more, our cadets will learn many skills from navigation, learning how to swim, power boating, canoes, expeditions, hiking, trekking, camping, orienteering, drill, shooting, mountain climbing, abseiling, fitness instructing, sports, traditional sports, unusual sports, competitions, team sports ( WE REALY WANT A FIELD GUN TEAM TO COMPETE AGAINST OTHER SCHOOLS AND SERVICES) and many more.

    Our junior unit is for young people aged 8 to 11, Apart from learning first aid skills like CPR and Emergency First Aid at Work, Our Junior cadets focus on learning academic fun skills like using games to tell the time, arts, crafts, themed arts, cards, gifts, graffiti art, face painting, glass painting, hair braiding, puppets, printing, drama, music, video, dance, games, team games, non-competitive games, group games, team-building games, puzzles and quizzes, sports – traditional sports, unusual sports, competitions, cooking, pizza making, pancakes, cake decorating, and some of the senior activities parent permitting, and many more.

    Issue Based Activities
    All cadets will participate in issue based activities appropriate for their age, ranging from adverse effects of drugs, alcohol, sex, sexuality, transgender, anti-racism, anti-bullying, environmental, stranger danger, global citizenship, national news, proper use of mobile phones and dangers surrounding the internet.

    Cadets And Our Programs
    These are open to all young people and young adults age 8 to 18. Although, the program is expected to be physically and mentally challenging it is fun !!!, there will be no artificial barriers developed which preclude participation based on gender, race, culture, religion, education, disability, socioeconomic status or ability. the program we deliver will make reasonable efforts to accommodate everyone.
    British Military, Emergency And Prison Service Values
    The development of the Cadet Program is guided by the best of British values and ethics. These values include respecting the dignity of all people, serving the country before yourself, and obeying and supporting lawful authorities. Additionally, cadets will gain better appreciation of the specific values of duty, loyalty, integrity, courage, stewardship, and excellence as expected of all (E.M.S.F.R) Cadets and their members members.

    Develop Citizenship, Leadership, And Fitness
    The Cadet program helps participants progressively develop into adults who contribute positively to British society as leaders and mentors, while instilling a lifelong appreciation of health and fitness.

    Balance Safety And Challenge
    Cadets and their parents will have confidence that the activities and events the program delivers are challenging, yet safe. They will also be confident that the adults leading the program are of unquestionably high moral characters and are focused on the development of the Cadets, are fully vetted and DBS checked as with accordance with government regulations.

    Leave A positive Lifelong Impact
    Whether Cadets stay with the program for many years or for just a few weeks, it is imperative that they remember the experience positively to help guide their development as productive Citizen's.
    We do hope you choose us for your cadet experience !!!!
    If you are interested in being unique, having fun and making new friends please use the form below to enrol today.

    Cadet Expression of Interest Form

    Name of child
    Age of Child
    Address of child
    Select country/region
    Contacts name
    Contacts email
    Contacts Phone number *
    Medical, Allergies or any other info
    Please add any information we need to know like medical details, allergies, injuries, learning difficultie etc
  • Volunteers Wanted
    (E.M.S.F.R) is a British Military Veteran run Independent Medical Cadet Organization that helps develop young peoples skills that will help them transition into adulthood, from good citizenship, leadership, discipline, knowledge and a focus on physical fitness, we are the true meaning of a combined cadet service, our cadets will have experiences that they will not forget or find anywhere else,
    Who do we want?
    We are looking for very motivated and committed individual's to help out at the unit in any capacity that they can, we have lots of roles available from a station helper to HQ Staff officers, we would be very interested if anyone from the following professions can contact us if they would like to volunteer with the training of staff and cadets or help us out with administration and fundraising , we have started various cadet services over the years and have been rooted and embedded in communities since 2015
    Value for money !
    The cost of uniforms and ancillaries for E.M.S First Responders will be considerably less than previous cadets, This is great for us as we can concentrate on teaching cadets a very important skill saving lives !!!, we still will be doing camps, teaching military skills and hopefully start a band and field gun team but our main focus will be teaching Emergency Services Skills,
    So if you think you can spare a few hours a week, weekend or during the month get in touch ASAP, If you have no experience, qualifications or think you would not be useful to us, you could not be so wrong because we need every job role from a doctor too someone sitting at home doing bits of Admin work, please get in touch and if your interested we will train you in all first aid courses, tutor courses, powerboat or any instructor course we can think of.

    So if you can commit to our cause, we really would like to here from the following ASAP:
    Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Ambulance Staff, Community First Responders,
    All Healthcare Workers Including Administrative Staff
    Any Person With Recognised First Aid Qualifications, EFAAW, FAAW, AFA, FREC3, FREC4, FREC5.
    Military Personal Regular Or Reserve.
    Firefighters And Any Supporting Staff.
    Prison Officers, Governors, OSG's.
    Fire Arms Officers, Police Community Support Officers, Police Officers And Supporting Staff.
    Ex Cadet Instructors, Stores, warehouse personnel.
    Qualified Pilots, Or any Type Of Air Instructor IE Parachute, glider etc.
    Chefs, Cooks And Quality Hospitality IE Silver Service Etc.
    Teachers, Tutors And Teaching Assistants.
    Administrative Staff, IT Specialists, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Minibus, Bus Drivers Especially If You Have Your Own Bus..
    Any Person That Is Of Good Standing And Wants To Make A Difference In Their Community Please Get In Touch Asap.
    Interested in running your own station?
    We are also looking for people to start there own station, So if you think you have the time and motivation to succeed then get in touch today !

    Vetting Procedures
    If anyone is interested in any role available their is an intensive vetting procedure, It starts by emailing in to us, Then interviews, References including employer references, DBS or police checks, depending on role possible fitness assessment and a probationary period of 6 months, you must be available for most parade evenings, training, summer camps and remembrance parades, If possible first aid events, our own events and fun camping weekends.
    once you email in you will not regret it, you will be rewarded by helping children progress in society, enhance their skills, be a mentor and watch them grow to be responsible citizens that you will be proud of and they will always remember what you did for them.

    Name of volunteer
    Age of volunteer
    Address of volunteer
    Select country/region
    Phone number of volunteer
    Email of volunteer
    Medical, Allergies, or any info
  • First Aid Responders
    For Any Event Or Occasion

    If you don’t have adequate Event First Aid and Stand-by Emergency Response Services coverage at your event, then you risk financial liability and reputational damage.
    lack of awareness or understanding is no excuse for not ensuring that all your staff, volunteers, participants and spectators at your event are 100% safe. reduce and control the risk now ! and book (E.M.S.F.R) at your next event, ensure your First Aid and Safety obligations are met by a professional well trained and friendly charity.
    What types of Events do we provide First Aid Cover to ?
    (E.M.S.F.R) provides First Aid services to any event no matter how big, Small or unique.
    Events that that we cover:
    Sporting Events
    Athletic Meets
    Corporate Events
    Sick Bay Coverage
    School Fetes and Carnivals
    Concerts & Music Festivals
    Community Events
    Motorsport Events
    Movie/TV Productions
    In fact, if there is a First Aid need – (E.M.S.F.R) has you covered !

    The Team
    Our team can work at a range of different events and provide a range of different services. we can reassure your spectators and participants just by being on-site and when necessary administer medical care and even save lives !
    we provide more than just “first aid”. our team is trained to manage a range of medical scenarios from basic first aid to complex clinical interventions. our medics will therefore manage many medical conditions on-site which reduces the number of people being transported to hospital for medical attention. we are even available just to sit down with and have a chat, we are very friendly.
    What Event First Aid Services do we offer?
    We provide Event First Aid and Medical Services, tailored to the requirements of each individual event.

    Our resources include:
    EFAAW, FAAW, FREC3, FREC4, FREC5 Responders
    Event Medics and Emergency First Responders
    The latest equipment, including oxygen therapy kit, defibrillators, stair chairs, ECG’s and stretchers
    Ambulances and 4WD First Response vehicles
    Cycle First Response Riders
    Motorcycle and Trail Bike First Response vehicles.

    Cadets also attend our bookings to provide First Aid duties, Marshalling and litter picking.
    How do I book (E.M.S.F.R) for my event?
    It’s easy all you have to do is use the contact us form or email your First Aid requirements to: support@emsfr.org to pre-book your event.

  • First Aid Training
    Accidents happen all the time and at E.M.S First Responder Events/Training, we can help you learn how to handle them. from cuts, scrapes, choking, poisonings, burns and asthma to head, neck and spinal injuries, our first aid training covers it all and more, learn how you can become a source of care and comfort during emergencies to friends, family and members of the public.
    When it comes to first aid training the (E.M.S.F.R) has a wide range of options, Including in-person, online and blended simulation learning classes, which combine online coursework with an in-person skills session. for those who learn best in a traditional classroom setting and would like to have the opportunity to discuss topics with their instructor and their classmates and generally learn better in a focused environment, our in-person classes are the best solution. not only do they offer ample time for discussion, but during the skills session you'll get personalized attention from your instructor who can help you perfect your skills and gain the confidence necessary for delivering emergency care.
    At (E.M.S.F.R) we offer first aid training (EFAAW, FAAW) that focuses on care for adults only, but we also offer courses that allow you to provide emergency care to sick or injured adults, children and infants. In general, we recommend that most people select EFAAW, FAAW and paediatric first aid training with one of our highly experienced instructors. not only will this type of class give you all of the information you need to care for adults, but with the skills and knowledge necessary for providing care to children and infants, you can become a more capable, more responsible family member, employee and citizen.
    After your first aid training is complete, It is important to test your skills on a regular basis otherwise you run the risk of losing them due to lack of use (and all of your work will have been for nothing). So, In order to help you easily maintain your skills and keep your memory sharp you can book on to our refresher courses that allow you to test your skills regularly and keep your skills up to date, this way, you can stay prepared to save lives long after your class has ended.
    first aid certifications are valid for three years, however we recommend a refresher course every year, If your certification is expiring you can renew it by enrolling on one of our first aid refresher courses. these abbreviated courses allow you to learn the latest techniques and can help keep your memory fresh so that during times of need, you're ready to respond. once your first aid training with (E.M.S.F.R) is complete, your certification will be valid for an additional three years. for more information on the first aid courses available get in touch asap.

  • Contact Us

    Please Get In Touch If You Are Interested In Any Of The Above Pages

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